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WHO | Novel Coronavirus – China, China shared genetic sequence coronavirus 12 January, great importance countries developing specific diagnostic kits. The cluster initially reported 31 December 2019, WHO China Country Office informed. The Chinese authorities identified type coronavirus (, China coronavirus: What symptoms virus, News > World > Asia China coronavirus: What symptoms virus, spread treatment? More 200 cases reported China authorities human--huma, What coronavirus virus strain making, The virus outbreak China scrutinised health authorities researchers, coronaviruses .. They' big group viruses illnesses , China coronavirus outbreak: Symptoms, transmissio, The World Health Organization gather panel experts coronavirus Wednesday Geneva, Switzerland, determine China-based outbreak constitutes international public health, China coronavirus: Death toll rises cities, China widened travel restrictions Hubei province - centre coronavirus outbreak - death toll climbed 26. The restrictions affect 20 million people, China coronavirus: Number cases jumps virus spreads, At mild common cold, severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) coronavirus killed 774 8,098 people infected outbreak started China 2002, China coronavirus: What , China' authorities confirmed virus pass person person. As Monday evening, authorities 218 confirmed cases China. The outbreak Luna, China coronavirus: Everything deadly , China coronavirus: Everything deadly virus. A virus infected 200 people caused deaths. Here' mysterious disease, WHO mysterious China coronavirus linked SARS, A Chinese woman quarantined Thailand mystery strain coronavirus, Thai authorities, time virus detected China. There 41, Coronavirus spreads Beijing China confirms 139 , China reported cases coronavirus Beijing southern Guangdong province. Photograph: STRINGER/EPA China reported 139 cases pneumonia, caused outbreak